Subscribing to the IGFA and using our platform for procuring countless opportunities is just one of the few benefits of it. Keeping in mind our motto of helping the grassroots football players kick-start a career in football, we have kept the subscription fees the bare minimum, and you’ll get the best value for your money. Still can’t make up your mind? Here are a few more precise reasons why you should subscribe to The IGFA!



Here are a few more precise reasons why you should Register to The IGFA!

    1. With the usage of The IGFA external member’s platform, you’ll be able to view the management team as well as the players. Not just that, you will also be able to connect with them and send group messages.
    2. Once you subscribe to us, you needn’t worry about your player’s football kits, as we at The IGFA send football kits to our grassroots football clubs annually. (terms and conditions apply).
    3. At The IGFA, we prioritise our HIV/AIDS awareness campaign against the deadly virus for its eradication, using football as the means of achieving our desired goal. We send active members of the IGFA, free HIV/AIDS awareness campaign packs, and banners.
    4. The IGFA sends free member banners for us on members’ meetings, match, and training venues. Furthermore, we also make The IGFA members logo available on the active member's dashboard for download and use on their stationeries and websites.
    5. The subscribed members would have access to ‘verified’ football trials from all over the world to choose and book!
    6. The members would even receive official member support documents of any kind from The IGFA Head Office on request.
    7. All the grassroots football clubs that have subscribed to The IGFA will have access to lots of training and development to enable them to grow their football clubs and members professionally.
    8. We are also working with various institutions of higher learning to provide scholarships to scouted talented football players. (Terms and conditions apply).
    9. As per our policy, we at The IGFA hunt for the best and the most talented football players from each of the grassroots football clubs. We would then camp them and train them before sending them abroad to play football trials.
    10. The idea behind The IGFA is to grow, develop and encourage grassroots male/female football clubs. To achieve that, we make sure that all the grassroots football coaches are trained, up to the English FA Level 1 standard. We give our coaches enough time to achieve this level. We are also committed to booking our coaches who have the passion and zeal to be trained abroad on coaching courses. We will carry on all the logistics on their behalf.
    11. Members can get the publicity that their club deserves, by using the IGFA logo on their stationary and websites as a subscribed member of The IGFA!
    12. The IGFA also hosts annual conferences wherein members and clubs can attend. Present and past top professional footballers and managers would be invited to speak about their professional career in football, how they became successful and how to succeed in professional football.  Listening to them would not just enlighten them, but also motivate the members as well as the players.
    13. The IGFA organise yearly football trial for the subscribed grassroots football club’s players to develop and place them in football clubs worldwide to kick-start their professional football career.

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